2017-09-01 12:58:00

Russian chief mufti calls on Muslims to pray for Russia's prosperity

Ufa, September 1, Interfax - The Russian Muslim community stands ready to further contribute to efforts to strengthen Russia's might together with representatives of other religions, Central Muslim Spiritual Board chairman and Russian Chief Mufti Talgat Tajuddin said during a Kurban Bayram (Eid al-Adha) sermon at the Lala Tulpan (Tulip in Bloom) mosque in Ufa on Friday.

"We, the Muslims of Russia, will continue to make a worthy contribution to efforts to maintain peace and strengthen the unity and might of our great power together with our Orthodox fellow citizens and followers of traditional religions in our country," Tajuddin said.

He called on Muslims to pray for peace, order, and prosperity in Russia and the entire world "on this holy day and in this good hour."

"We have one united homeland - it is great Russia, and it is sacred for all of us. We need to safeguard the experience of centuries, the wisdom of generations, our forefathers' commandments, and our great legacy of mutual understanding and respect through tireless work and patience for the benefit of the peace and prosperity of our God-protected Motherland," Tajuddin said.

He noted the "slow but steady spiritual and moral revival of society and the great civil unity of all Russians in the face of today's very serious challenges."

"Beyond any doubt, this is the result of the firm policy and tireless work of the president of the Russian Federation, his colleagues, and like-minded people," he said.

A state's development and prosperity largely depend "on the spiritual and moral state of the family."

He called for higher birth rates in Russia and said that children's spiritual and moral upbringing and maintaining continuity into the next generation are, above all, "parents' sacred responsibility."