2017-09-21 15:54:00

Uman State Council MP 'taxes a tribute' on trade points for Hassids - Ukraine Security Service

Kiev, September 21, Interfax - The Ukrainian Security Service jointly with the Uman local prosecutor's office in the Cherkassy Region exposed bribery committed by a deputy of the city council and his assistant.

"Law enforcement officers cleared out that criminals demanded money from local businessmen for unimpeded trade during Jewish festival Rosh Hashanah. Officers of the Ukrainian Security Service documented that the official demanded $300 from the owner of a small business for "a permission" on commercial work during mass visit of Hassid pilgrims to Uman. According to the special services, the deputy 'taxed a tribute' on majority of trade points focused on services for pilgrims," press center of the Ukrainian security service reported on Thursday.

SBU officers detained the deputy and his assistant near the central city stadium when he was given a bribe. The criminal case on Article 368, part 3 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code was initiated. Investigative operational actions are underway.