2017-10-16 10:29:00

Communication between people doesn't depend on political, religious differences - Putin at opening of Youth Festival in Sochi

Adler, October 16, Interfax - Barriers are powerless in the face of friendship, and communication between people does not depend on political, national and religious differences, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"The first festival was held seven decades ago. Then, the same young men and women like you were united by the strength of a dream, a belief that the youth, its frankness, kindness can melt down the ice of distrust, will help rid the world of injustice, wars and conflicts," Putin said in a speech at the opening ceremony of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students on Sunday.

At the time, young people succeeded in doing much, he said. "They proved that barriers are helpless before a true friendship, and the warmness of human communication does not depend on political, national, religious, cultural and any other differences," the Russian president said.

Russia is proud of hosting the world youth festival twice, i.e. in 1957 and 1985, he said.

The world youth forum in Sochi became the most representative ever in the festival's entire history, Putin said. "Here, in Sochi about 30,000 participants, guests, volunteers from over 180 countries of the world, from all continents have gathered," the head of state said.

Sochi is a city of Olympic fraternity and hope, he said. "Five rings, as well as five petals of the festival daises became a symbol of solidarity of all the continents. I am convinced that you, the youth of different countries, nationalities, religious denominations are united by common sentiments of values and goals, a desire for freedom and happiness," Putin said.