2017-10-18 15:49:00

Investigative Committee to investigate consolidated case against Christian State leader

Moscow, October 18, Interfax - The case against Alexander Kalinin, the leader of the organization Christian State, who is charged with trying to deter movie theaters from screening the Matilda movie, has been withdrawn from the police to be consolidated with a case being investigated by the Investigative Committee.

"The case has now been taken from the investigator to be unified with a different case in the Investigative Committee," Dmitry Savchenko, a lawyer for Kalinin, said in the Moscow City Court.

The Moscow City Court is trying an appeal against the decision to put the Christian State leader in custody on Wednesday.

Before the court hearing, Savchenko had asked for time to talk to his client as he was allowed to meet with him in the detention facility because the case had been withdrawn from the previous investigator. "We don't yet know who will investigate the case," Savchenko said.

Christian State leader Alexander Kalinin was detained on September 23 as part of an investigation into attempts to deter film providers from screening Alexey Uchitel's film Matilda. The Moscow Tagansky District Court arrested him until November 22 on the same day. He was charged with fanning hatred or feud or belittling a person's dignity.

Kalinin denies his guilt but does not deny that he has sent letters with threats to movie theaters for religious reasons.