2017-10-18 17:32:00

Metropolitan Hilarion holds up protestant missionaries as an example for Orthodox priests

Moscow, October 18, Interfax - Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk recommends Orthodox believers to study Gospels and points out to Protestant missionaries who know Biblical texts profoundly.

"In my official capacity I have to communicate with protestants. Sometimes I am impressed how well they know Biblical texts," he said at a presentation of the sixth volume of his book Jesus Christ. Life and Teaching in Moscow.

The metropolitan told that at a conference in the USA he once met a Protestant pastor whose speech was rich in quotations from the Bible and each time the missionary pointed out to the verse and the chapter.

When the missionary came up to the Metropolitan Hilarion, the hierarch saw that the Bible in his hands was covered with lines in different colors - "in red and blue pencils, there were notes in the margins." When the missionary saw that the metropolitan was surprised he explained that he lived the whole life with this book and it was always with him.

"And I think, even if we don't speak about the whole Bible, but only about its most important part, the Gospels, if we know the Gospels like this, we won't be afraid of any competitors," Metropolitan Hilarion summed up.