2017-10-26 12:03:00

The Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia considers Russia an outpost of traditional values in the world

*** About a million Jews live in Russia

Moscow, October 26, Interfax - The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia officials believe that Jewish lifestyle fits the course for traditional values which is promoted by the country's government.

"Russia is an outpost of traditional values in the world. And Jewish lifestyle in this sense coordinates with guidelines of the Russian government about traditional values," FJCR President Alexander Boroda said in his interview with Moskva-Yerushalaim magazine.

Speaking about himself, the rabbi said he considered himself Jewish citizen of Russia and a Russian patriot.

"I consider Russia as the Jewish law teaches me. If a country gives you a chance to develop spiritually, to live in acceptable material condition, without loosing your human dignity, then it is the country we should care about and support, and defend it," he said.

Speaking about the number of Jews in the country, Boroda pointed out that according to the FJCR about a million of Jews live in Russia: "we consider the number of Jews who identify themselves as Jews and those people, who start feeling themselves Jews every year, who learn that their mothers are Jews, and we add those Jews who do not go anywhere."

"One of the brightest examples is matzo. Maximal number of people who identify themselves as Jews buy matzo on Pesach," he said.