2017-10-26 13:03:00

Pope Francis thanked St. Gregory Foundation for struggling against abortions in Russia

Rome, October 26, Interfax - Pope Francis of Rome thanked head of the Russian St. Gregory Foundation Leonid Sevastyanov for his work against abortions.

"We met with the Pope on Monday. I had a personal audience right after a private mess I was also invited to and then the Pope thanked me for my work on opposing abortions," Sevastyanov told Interfax-Religion.

According to the head of the Foundation, the pontiff confessed that he loved Russia and wanted to convey all Russians his greetings and words of love and he also said that he "prayed for our country every day."

Sevastyanov's wife, the Bolshoi Theatre soloist Svetlana Kasyan also met with the Pope. On the eve, she debuted in the Opera of Rome in the role of Tosca. The interviewee of the agency said that the Pope likes opera very much. Many Muscovites who are not keen on opera, know Kasyan from street advertising: "If you're pregnant, give birth!"

Thus, she participates in pro-life mission of her husband.