2017-11-16 21:55:00

Moscow mufti urges adoption of Islam development strategy to 2030

Moscow, November 16, Interfax - Moscow mufti Albir Krganov has proposed drawing up and approving a development strategy for Islam and religious Islamic organizations in Russia through 2030.

"This is a theoretical-conceptual vision of our development goals, tasks and priorities and their implementation mechanisms. Together with the whole country, the Muslims of Russia must have a vision of the strategic prospects of their development," Krganov said at an international theological conference in Makhachkala.

Speaking on behalf of Russian Muslims, he said he wished "that young people would have a better knowledge of their historical legacy and not be removed from their religious and national roots," Krganov said.

In the face of current challenges, Muslims should train highly qualified imams who would "work preventively to counter attempts to have our pious citizens' worldview as well as peace and stability in our society reformatted by pseudo-religious con artists under nice-sounding pretexts," the mufti said.

In the age of globalization, society has come under aggressive pressure to accept foreign values and behavior models and elements of a different way of life, he said.

"Such is the reality, [we] should take this into account and [we] need to fight to preserve our religious, national and civil identity. What is needed here are joint efforts, concerted action on the part of authorities, religious and civic organizations, scientists, experts and everyone concerned," Krganov said.