2017-11-17 10:07:00

Searches conducted at home of imam of one of Nazran's main mosques

Rostov-on-Don, November 17, Interfax - Law enforcement officers conducted searches on private premises in Nazran, where a religious preacher, the imam of the Nasyr-Kort mosque, resides with his brother, a source in Ingushetia's law enforcement structures told Interfax.

"Searches were conducted at imam Khamzat Chumakov's private residence in the Nasyr-Kort District of Nazran in the afternoon," the source said, without disclosing the reasons for searches.

Searches were also conducted at the house of the imam's brother, Ibragim Chumakov, the source said.

In addition, a report regarding searches at the imam's house was posted on his Facebook page.

As reported, in early October, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) prevented an assassination attempt on an Ingush public figure and religious preacher by means of a powerful improvised explosive device.

As a result, two members of a criminal gang were detained, and improvised explosive devices, explosives, and means for committing terrorist acts ready for use were found in their residences. An explosive substance, presumably the plastic explosive PVV-7 (hexogen and aluminum), an electric detonator, and parts of an improvised bomb the terrorists were planning to use to kill the religious figure were confiscated during searches.

A source in the region's law enforcement structures said that the religious figure in question is the imam of the Nasyr-Kort mosque, Khamzat Chumakov, who is well-known in the North Caucasus. According to some reports, the perpetrators intended to detonate a car packed with explosives following Friday prayers.

The police managed to thwart the assassination attempt after receiving a tip-off. It was reported that it has been the third assassination attempt on the imam.

The first assassination attempt on Chumakov occurred in 2010, when an explosive device was planted under his car. Chumakov was heavily injured and lost his leg as a result of the explosion, but survived. The imam sustained only bruises when another car bomb exploded in March 2016.

Police believe that Chumakov has become a target of attacks because of his preaching activities.