2017-11-17 10:47:00

Georgian Ministry of Interior concerned with “sweet bombarding” of countryside schools with priests participating

Moscow, November 17, Interfax - General inspection of Georgian Interior Ministry started investigating the actions of pilots who were throwing down the sweets from helicopters to schoolchildren.

On Wednesday, Georgian media reported that helicopters of border police dropped sweets onto the school yards of five countryside schools in Kvareli District (the Region of Kahetia). Priests who were allowed onboard spread the sweets. It was reported that children were glad to get such presents from the sky.

The actions of pilots resulted in early resignation of acting border aviation chief of Georgian Ministry of Interior, the ministry told the journalists.

They also said that the general inspection started investigating the incident, but did not specify how pilots would be punished.

Media reports that the surprising fact puzzled school masters of local schools, they still do not know why the action was held.

Secretary of the Georgian Diocese Mikhail Botkoveli commenting the situation said that he considered this hype irrelevant.