2017-11-20 16:28:00

Patriarch of Georgia will baptize 670 children on St. George Day

*** Catholicos-Patriarch is God-father of 32,635 children

Tbilisi, November 20, Interfax - Catholicos-Patriarch Ilia II of Georgia will conduct a mass baptism of children on the Day of St. Giorgoba (St. George Day) on November 23.

At the Sunday sermon in Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tbilisi, Patriarch Ilia said that he would baptize up to 670 children and about 300 of them would be from mountainous regions of Adjara.

It will be the 51st mass baptism of children conducted personally by the Primate of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

The Patriarch of Georgia conducted the first mass baptism on January 19, 2008. The goal of Ilia's initiative is to improve demographic situation in Georgia.

Up to now, the Catholicos-Patriarch has been God-father of 32,635 children.