2017-11-21 10:00:00

Patriarch Kirill calls on film, stage industry not to rock boat of human passions

Moscow, November 21, Interfax - Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia has called on the country's intellectuals "not to mislead people," in order to prevent a repeat of the events of 100 years ago in Russia.

"Today, sin is not just obvious (...) Today sin is demonstrated in the most appealing way: through cinema, through theater... And art, which is meant to cultivate human individuals, enrich and uplift them to the skies, is becoming a kettlebell that does not permit man to fly up," the patriarch said in a sermon at the Christ the Savior Cathedral on Monday.

He said that he did not mean all of art, but only that which has in recent years been claiming "some special role, special rights to bring temptation and sin to people and to mislead the people."

In the church's dialogue with those who do this, "a very large part of our intelligentsia is repeating the pernicious mistake of their predecessors, who brought the country to ruin: the events of the revolution whose centenary we are remembering this year," the patriarch said.

"Now is not the time to rock the boat of human passions, now is the time to unite all healthy forces - the Church, the art, the culture, our authors, scientists - all those people, who love their country, must today be together because we are entering a critical period in the development of human civilization," the patriarch said.

"This is already obvious to the untrained eye. One should be blind not to see the coming of the omens of history, of which the apostle and evangelist St. John spoke in his [Book of] Revelation," the Russian patriarch said.

Christianity teaches that whether the apocalypse is near depends on us, so public people in particular should realize their responsibility for Russia and for the whole human species and "halt our slide into the abyss of the end of history."

Patriarch Kirill turned 71 yesterday.