2017-11-27 20:58:00

FSB archive ex-chief rejects theory head of Nicholas II delivered to Kremlin after execution

Moscow, November 27, Interfax - Former head of the Federal Security Service (FSB) department of registration and archives Vasily Khristoforov has refuted the opinion that the head of the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II was cut off and delivered to the Kremlin following his execution.

"In reply to a question from the committee and the audience regarding the head of Nicholas II, which was allegedly cut off and brought to Moscow, the Kremlin [...] We have not a single document [...] and not a single indirect mention of participants of these events about the head being cut off," Khristoforov said at a conference addressing the outcomes of new studies of the 'Yekaterinburg remains' in Moscow on Monday.

The expert said that this theory is false.

The same theory was also put forth with respect to Afghan leader Khafizulla Amin, suggesting that following the storming of his palace his head was also allegedly delivered to the Kremlin, "allegedly as evidence by Soviet special services of a mission successfully accomplished," he said.

"Soviet state bodies did not employ this method of collecting evidence, because it would have pointed to the fact of its adoption from the imperial period," Khristoforov said. He cited as an example the historical episode concerning the head of Hadji Murad, which was cut off and stored in the Kunstkamera despite requests to bury it.