2018-01-17 10:12:00

Priest Grozovsky gets 14 years in high-security prison for pedophilia

Priozersk, January 17, Interfax - The Priozersk City Court in the Leningrad Region proclaimed a sentence on priest Gleb Grozovsky on pedophilia counts on Wednesday; it took more than four years to investigate the case.

"To find Gleb Viktorovich Grozovsky guilty [...] and to sentence him to 14 years in a high-security prison and one year of custodial restraint," Judge Lyudmila Yashina said.

Only the preamble and the judicial disposition were read out, as the case was heard in camera.

Grozovsky said in his final statement on January 10 "there was no event of a crime" and he was counting on "humane understanding and a fair decision." The final statement was released by the priest's defense.

The prosecution asked a court to sentence Grozovsky, to 15 years in a high-security prison and deprive him of the right to engage in activities involving the upbringing of children for another 12 years.

The Investigative Committee's branch in St. Petersburg reported the completion of the investigation into Grozovsky's case on June 2, 2017.

Earlier reports said Grozovsky was taken from Moscow to St. Petersburg on September 17, 2016 after being extradited from Israel to Russia. He was charged with sexual crimes against three schoolgirls.

According to the investigators, Grozovsky, who was a priest at the Ascension (Sophia) Cathedral in Tsarskoye Selo, molested several children younger than 14 at an Orthodox children's camp on the island of Konevets, Priozyorsk District, Leningrad Region. According to the investigators, Grozovsky committed the same crimes in June 2013 in Greece at the Orthodox children's camp Philadelphia. Grozovsky hid from prosecution and an arrest warrant was issued for him. He was declared internationally wanted in October 2013.

He was suspended from church duties for the period of the investigation.