2018-01-25 11:22:00

Putin stresses importance of development of Russian Islamic theological school

Kazan, January 25, Interfax - It is important to develop the domestic Islamic theological school and to train replacements for the current muftis, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"We met with many people who are present here in Ufa in 2013 [...] It was stated then, I want to emphasize that again now, that traditional Islam is an important part of the Russian cultural code and the Muslim Ummah is without any doubt a very important part of the multi-national people of Russia. And we also spoke then about the need to revive theological Islamic education in Russia," Putin said during a meeting with the muftis of the centralized religious organizations of Russia's Muslims and the heads of the Bolgar Islamic Academy in Kazan.

The age of the current muftis makes one thing about training replacements for them, he said. "But they should be trained on the national base," he said.