2018-01-25 11:23:00

Govt to continue supporting Islamic education Putin

Kazan, January 25, Interfax - Support of Islamic education in Russia through large state universities will continue, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with the muftis of the centralized religious organizations of Russia's Muslims and the administration of the Bolgar Islamic Academy.

"We will undoubtedly continue supporting [Islamic education], we will continue support through large state universities," the president said.

He also spoke about the importance of spiritual Muslim education among minors, which has many problems and ideas, which are sometimes destructive, he said.

"However, these ideas, even destructive, can only be fought using one method: using other ideas. Such that are promoted and cultivated in people in the spiritual academy created here [the Bolgar Islamic Academy], in other academies and educational establishments [...] in Moscow, Ufa and in the Caucasus," the president said.

Before the meeting with the muftis, the president was shown a model of the Bolgar Islamic Academy. It opened in the city of Bolgar, Tatarstan, on September 4, 2017. Students study Islamic law and Islamic thought and religion here. Education is free and students get stipends, the base rate of which is 3,000 rubles a month.