2018-03-23 11:34:00

Prominent Old Rite representative believes Russia has "sovereignty of the Truth"

Moscow, March 23, Interfax - For final affirmation of Russia at the world stage it is important to realize that it obtains "sovereignty of the Truth", member of the Supervisory Board of the Patriarchal Center of the Old Russian Liturgical Tradition Leonid Sevastyanov.

"Only when we finally bring back the idea that we master the Truth, many things will change. I think it is what makes the Old Rite ideology, it is our message through centuries," Sevastyanov said in his interview with Tsargrad TV.

According to him, the ideal for Russia state order was in "Russian kingdom," in the idea of the Third Rome inherited from the Kingdom of Rome and Byzantine in the 16th century."

It was in the epoch of the Ivan the Terrible, Sevastyanov believes, Russia experienced "geopolitical affirmation" as it realized itself as the place of the divine shekhina, of God's immanence in the world, if we speak the language of the Old Testament.

"The Third Rome is not only pleasant words, it is "the holy of the holies" of the God chosen people, who should not be identified with one ethnos. Shekhina moved: first, the Holy City of Jerusalem, then Old Rome, then New Rome, Constantinople and finally Moscow," Sevastyanov said.

He explained that the sense of shekhina is the "sovereignty of the Truth."

"We need to realize again that the truth is not something distant, belonging to Greeks, Germans or Americans. It is the reason of schism of the 17th century, worship to western socialist ideas and adoration of the West characteristic of contemporary liberals. Revolutions, wars and sanctions start from it," Sevastyanov said.