2018-04-16 10:17:00

Head of House of Romanov suggests waiting patiently for results of comprehensive analysis of "Yekaterinburg remains"

Madrid, April 16, Interfax - The head of the Russian Imperial House Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova is ready to wait patiently until the Church has recognized the authenticity of the supposed remains of the last Russian tsar.

"The position of the Russian Imperial House remains invariable. One must wait patiently until the Church has found sufficient ground for the recognition. No need for haste in this matter. Reverence for the royal family does not depend on a presence or absence of the remains," Grand Duchess Maria said in an interview with Interfax when asked if there were any changes on the subject of "the Yekateriburg remains."

An error would be unacceptable here, she said. "Of course, if the authenticity is proved, this would be a big joy. But in a case like this, there should be no mistaking and no cheating of people," the grand duchess said.

"I and the Holy Patriarch Kirill inform one another of the latest data and are awaiting the results of the comprehensive analysis of this matter," she said.

In January this year the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia offered reassurances that experts analyzing the supposed remains of the family of the last Russian emperor would finish work on time.

"The testing will finish when it will be finished by specialists and when they say: here are the results of all tests. No one is deliberately protracting this process, but nor is anyone deliberately rushing the scientists who are trying to provide exhaustive answers to constantly arising questions," Patriarch Kirill said in an Christmas message on Rossiya-1 television channel on January 7.