2018-05-21 11:52:00

Autocephalous Church will complete formation of Ukraine's spiritual independence, boost national security - Poroshenko

Kiev, May 21, Interfax - The Constantinople Patriarchate granting a tomos of autocephaly to Ukraine's Orthodox Church would weaken Russia's influence on Ukraine's domestic affairs, both on national security and in the spiritual dimension, President Petro Poroshenko said.

"The Ukrainians' path to God does not pass via Moscow. We have our own path. I am convinced that a tomos of autocephaly granted to our Ukrainian Church would complete the affirmation of Ukraine's independence and self-reliance in the spiritual dimension," Poroshenko said at a ceremony commemorating victims of political repressions at the Bykivnia Graves State Historical and Memorial Preserve near Kiev on Sunday.

The autocephaly would also boost national security "because it will automatically weaken the aggressor state's influence on Ukraine's domestic affairs," he said.

It was reported that on April 17, 2018 Poroshenko announced his intentional to ask the Archbishop Bartholomew of Constantinople to issue a tomos of autocephaly for Ukraine's Orthodox Church, and urged parliament to support his initiative as quickly as possible. It did so on April 19, and the request for tomos is now being considered by the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

The previous such request, in 2016, remained unanswered.