2018-06-04 12:50:00

Football cup among homeless people to be held in Moscow on the eve of the World Cup

Moscow, June 4, Interfax - On the eve of the World Football Cup in Moscow homeless people will hold football competition.

As website of the Orthodox service Miloserdie reports on Monday, the competition will take in sport center Leader at the Sokolniki Park. The sport event will finish with a picnic.

Among the participants in the competition are wards of the Moscow crisis centers, staff-members of these centers and sympathizing people.

"Football Cup among homeless people is a step for solidarity with those who lost their homes," organizers of the competition say.

Everyone can help the cup in a different way - to make a donation to organizations helping homeless people, to come and root for the team, to bring food and non-alcoholic drinks, to post information about the competition in social nets.