2018-07-19 10:56:00

Over 100,000 people participated in the procession with cross in the Urals at night of commemorating execution of the tsar family

Moscow, July 19, Interfax - Dozens thousands believers who arrived in Yekaterinburg to the Tsar Days participated in the procession with cross from the Church on the Blood to the monastery in Ganina Yama, the Information Policy Department of the Sverdlovsk Region Governor reports.

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia headed the procession. On the eve, on July 16, he chaired the Divine Liturgy at the square before the church.

"Learning from this hard and bitter experience we should form stable rejection of any ideas and any leaders who offer new unknown happy future breaking our national life, our traditions, our faith," the patriarch was quoted as saying at the liturgy.

The patriarch conducted a prayer service when he came to the monastery.

The participants in the procession with cross overcame 21 km. Mobile emergency groups accompanied believers, there were buses on duty for those who were not able to cover the whole way.

The procession with cross is one of the key events of the Tsar days conducted to commemorate the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II. At night on July 17 the believers follow the route, by which in 1918 remains of the Romanov family were carried for elimination to the pit at Ganina Yama from the place of their execution in the Ipatyev House, where later the Church on the Blood was erected.