2018-08-10 20:53:00

Police checking leader of Jewish movement in Russia for extremism - lawyer

Moscow, August 10, Interfax - Moscow police officials have visited the office of the Moscow Jewish religious community for a search as part of an inquiry in relation to Alexander Kargin, the leader of the Jewish movement Shahar and representative of the Israeli ruling party Likud in Russia, Kargin's lawyer said.

"Officials from the Anti-Extremism Center of the Interior Ministry department for the Central Administrative District in Moscow came to the office today. During a search, they discovered nationalistic literature not belonging to Kargin but obviously planted in the office," lawyer Igor Zuber told Interfax on Friday.

The inquiry was launched after law enforcement agencies received a report on Kargin, he said.

"As is indicated in the warrant for the procedure, the law enforcement officials conducted an inquiry into actions aimed at fomenting hatred or enmity or insulting a group of people based on their ethnicity and religion," the lawyer said.

Kargin was summoned to police to give explanations next week, he said.

Kargin insisted that anti-Semite literature had been planted on him. "The literature seized had been planted on me. Most of the planted literature was anti-Semitic in nature," Kargin told Interfax.