2018-08-20 15:14:00

Tajik president urges citizens to be modest, vigilant

Moscow, August 20, Interfax - Tajik President Emomali Rahmon has congratulated fellow countrymen on the Holiday of Sacrifice, Kurban Bayrami or Eid al-Adha, and urged them to be modest, vigilant, and united.

"I am confident that our hajjis [pilgrims who have visited Mecca] will not excessively lay the dastarhan [table] after their return to the home country or give a showy, squandering and extravagant feast for many people. I hope they will prefer doing pious deeds," Rahmon said in his televised address.

Rakhmon said he expected the pilgrims "to develop places of their residence, educate children, help the poor, needy families, orphans, and disabled people whenever that is possible, and set an example of noble activity."

The importance and invariability of such human values as virtue, friendship, aspiration for creation, knowledge, and education, tolerance, latitude in religion, commendation, and other decent qualities must be conveyed to people during the Kurban Bayrami holiday, he said.

Rahmon urged the people of Tajikistan to be united and vigilant.

"Every resident of our country should understand that, given the complex and contradictory global situation, we must be united and vigilant more than ever, and be prepared to defend our most prized possessions - independence, sovereignty, peace, tranquility, political stability, and national unity, as well as prioritize interests of the country and the people," Rahmon said.

The Council of Ulems of Tajikistan's Islamic center decided that the Kurban Bayrami would be celebrated on Tuesday, August 21. Festive prayers will be said at 6:30 a.m. in all cathedral mosques of the country. Consistent with the Tajik law on holidays, Kurban Bayrami and another religious holiday, Ramadan, are days off.