2018-09-21 13:13:00

Moscow lacks at least 20 synagogues

Moscow, September 21, Interfax - President of the Federation of the Jewish Communities of Russia Alexander Boroda says Moscow lacks about 20 synagogues, but they will be build gradually.

"We need minimum 20, but not big ones less than 2,000 sq.m. We build not just synagogues, but community centers, where old people can spend their free time, which can house charitable canteens, Sunday schools for children, events for youth. We set up multifunctional complexes including synagogues," Boroda said in his Friday interview with the Izvestia paper.

According to him, there will be more synagogues in Moscow, and today the Jewish community holds tenders on various sites of the capital, including "new Moscow".

"We see evident necessity in it. The number of Jews living in Moscow and the Moscow Region twice exceeds the number of Jews living in other regions," the Jewish leader believes.