2018-10-11 22:45:00

Archbishops' council to convene soon to elect Ukrainian Church leader who will receive tomos from Constantinople - Filaret

Kiev, October 11, Interfax - The head of the self-proclaimed "Kiev Patriarchate" hopes that the unification of churches into one Ukrainian autocephalous Orthodox Church will be fast.

"I think the unification process will be very fast. We will agree when to convene this council. But I am planning to convene it in the very near future, it will be an archbishops' council involving the archbishops of the Kiev Patriarchate, archbishops of the autocephalous church led by Metropolitan Makary, and the willing archbishops of the Moscow Patriarchates," Filaret said at a briefing in Kiev on Thursday.

This is will be "a unifying council that will select the general head of the patriarchate, and after that there will be a decision by the Ecumenical Patriarchate to grant the Ukrainian church a tomos of autocephaly," Filaret said.

"And after we receive the tomos and enter the praying unity, the process of unification with Moscow Patriarchate dioceses, parishes and monasteries will continue," he said.