2018-10-19 13:07:00

The Ukrainian metropolitan: Constantinople abandoned God

*** Head of the Zaporozhye Diocese compares the tomos with a piece of paper of janitor

Moscow, October 19, Interfax - Decisions on Ukraine, taken contrary to the canons, deprived the right of Constantinople Patriarchate to be called the Church, said Metropolitan Luka of Zaporozhye and Melitopol, one of participants of the Russian Synod in Minsk, where it was decided to break off relations with Constantinople.

"We must understand: where is God? He is not on Fanar anymore. Fanar (the district in Istanbul where is the residence of Patriarch Bartholomew - IF) abandoned God, fallen away from the Church. The head of the Church for us is not Fanar, but Christ. And Fanar has decided itself to become the head of the Church: "You know, Lord, go for a walk, and we'll figure it out without you." And so if you go where there is no God, it is a trouble, because your soul is dying," said Metropolitan Luka in an interview with BBC Russian Service.

The bishop made it clear that the illegal actions of Constantinople deprive the weight of its future decrees, including tomos on autocephaly of the Ukrainian church.

"Look. There is a piece of paper issued by the janitor of the house number six that he considers, relatively speaking, the N city as independent state. Will you accept this piece of paper?"the metropolitan drew a parallel.

"I have not known such a [Constantinople] Patriarchate since October 11, and all that will be issued and decided there is already a paper of aunt Masha janitor, not members of the Orthodox Church. They fell away, they are no longer in the Church," he added.

According to the metropolitan of Zaporozhye, the rehabilitation of the leaders of the Ukrainian schism by Constantinople is comparable to the attempt to "recognize the corpse alive".

"Let's gather the scientific community, the president will issue a decree, Verkhovnaya Rada will issue the law, the academy of sciences will write that this pillar is alive. Does that make him alive? That's what happened," the metropolitan commented on the decision of the Synod in Istanbul to recognize the canonicity of two self-proclaimed religious organizations of Ukraine - Kiev Patriarchate and Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church.

Answering the question whether he personally feels any threat to himself, the head of Zaporozhye Diocese said: "I am afraid of God. Most of all in this situation I am afraid to sin. Don't be afraid of the one who'll kill your body, be afraid of those who'll kill your soul, Christ tells us."