2018-11-06 11:09:00

Russian Church doubtful the mental health of Constantinople representative who announced the revision of the ROC's current status

Moscow, November 6, Interfax The Moscow Patriarchate has expressed concern about mental health of the Constantinople representative to the World Council of Churches Archbishop Job (Getcha) who made it clear that the current status of Russian Church can be revised and said that the UOC is no longer there.

"There are very disturbing statements of Archbishop Job (Getcha). We are seriously concerned about his mental and spiritual health. If necessary, we are ready to help a brother with treatment or with sending him to study in one of the seminaries of our Church," Patriarch Kirill's press secretary priest Alexander Volkov has wrote on his Facebook page.

As reported, in an interview with BBC Ukraine Archbishop Job noted that the autocephalous status of the Orthodox Churches of Russia, Greece, Serbia, Romania, Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, Georgia and Czechoslovakia were not confirmed by the Ecumenical Councils, but it was Constantinople that gave them the status of independent.

"And as some canonists believe, since these new autocephaly or new Patriarchates have never been confirmed by the Ecumenical Council, since they were created by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, at some point, if the Ecumenical Patriarchate deems it necessary, it can cancel this status," the representative of Constantinople Church added.

Meanwhile, the press secretary of Patriarch Kirill said Interfax that these statements of Archbishop Job due to personal negative attitudes of this hierarch of Russian Orthodox Church can't be taken as the official position of Constantinople.

"His Grace Job is not an official speaker of the Orthodox Church of Constantinople, and his statements going beyond reasonable limits can't be explained by anything but personal anger towards Russian Church," the priest said.