2018-11-07 18:56:00

Activity of radical youth groups sharply increases in Russia - FSB

Moscow, November 7, Interfax - The activity of radical young people's groups calling for violence against migrant workers has increased in Russia, Russian Federal Security Service Director Alexander Bortnikov said.

"The activity of various social groups and radical young people's, including fan groups which hold right-wing and left-wing extremist views and call for violence against migrant workers and forced migrants who are Muslim is sharply increasing," Bortnikov said at a meeting of the chiefs of security agencies and law enforcement bodies.

An extremist ideology based on neo-Nazi and radical Islam ideas is being disseminated on the Internet, he said.

"The result of this connection is that the forms and methods used by right-wing and left-wing extremist groups often become impossible to distinguish from terrorist attacks carried out y radical Islamists," he said.

The special services and the law enforcement agencies should keep such actions within their line of vision and investigative the motives for such actions in detail," he said.

These negative processes should be countered by a system of measures that includes preventive work of all relevant agencies, he said.