2018-12-06 14:41:00

Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church not to nominate candidates for post of head of "unified local church"

Kiev, December 6, Interfax - The non-canonical Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church will not nominate bishops for the post of the head of the unified local church, Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church representative German Semanchuk said.

"In theory, every bishop can become the head of this unified Orthodox Church of Ukraine. The assembly will show who the candidates will be, what candidacies will be nominated. No talks are currently being conducted," Semanchuk said on Hromadske television.

None of the bishops of the Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church, including its head Makariy Maletich, will be candidates, he said. "As far as I know, no one is going to be nominated for the post of the head of the unified church. But I am ready to vote for a different candidate," Semanchuk said.

The representative of the "Ukrainian Autocephalic Orthodox Church" also said that neither he nor the other bishops had received an invitation from the Constantinople Patriarchate for the December 15 unification assembly, where the head of the new church independent of Moscow will be elected, as of December 5.