2018-12-07 10:42:00

Patriarch Kirill accuses Poroshenko of interfering in religious affairs

Moscow, December 7, Interfax - The fact that Ukraine's President Pyotr Poroshenko has convened a unification gathering shows what his statements about the pro-European choice are really worth, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia said.

"All these pictures which are now present in the press attest to the unprecedented interference in the affairs of the church by a state which is talking about its European choice. But central to this European civilization is the idea of a secular state, and there are no religious states, only secular ones there, and none of the things like those Mr. Poroshenko is doing today is permitted by law," Patriarch Kirill said at a Russian Inter-Religious Council meeting in Moscow.

"Imagine if it were [Russian President Vladimir] Putin who announced that he was convening a church gathering on December 15? If he said: this church suits us and that one does not, this would have caused turmoil in the world, how all human rights campaigners would be screaming and what a powerful wave of criticism there would be! Why does no one in the West criticize Poroshenko? He is violating his country's constitution, invading the religious problematics, he is trying to run churches and religious processes. This is absolutely unacceptable. And in doing so he is talking about the European choice," Patriarch Kirill said.

This proves that there is "no European choice: there are selfish goals, selfish objectives, primarily to stay in power, and what, as the result of this power, could happen to Ukraine and its people - today no one can predict," the Russian patriarch said.