2018-12-21 10:41:00

Parliamentary opposition in Rada to continue fighting against renaming of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Kiev, December 21, Interfax - The unified Opposition Platform - Za Zhittya said it intends to fight in the parliament and in courts against the decision to rename the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

"Today, the Verkhovnaya Rada had voted for Bill 5309, under which the Ukrainian Orthodox Church has to change its name and state that it belongs to Russia. It voted with violations of the regulations, against common sense, without regard for the opinion of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church flock, continuing the anti-constitutional interference in religious issues," the faction said in a statement.

"We are fighting and will fight against this lawlessness in the session hall and in courts. All illegal decisions will be reserved after we win. Medieval practices are not for a democratic country," the statement said.

The Verkhovnaya Rada earlier adopted on its merits a law(5309) obligating the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) to state its belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church in its name.