2018-12-21 10:59:00

Rada decision to rename Ukrainian Orthodox Church nonsense, act of forgery - Russian MP

Moscow, December 21, Interfax - The renaming of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UOC) by Ukrainian parliament is an act of forgery designed to suit the new schismatic entity, according to Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the State Duma Foreign Affairs Committee.

"Today Rada passed an anti-church bill changing the name of the UOC and aimed at backing the Orthodox schism in Ukraine," Slutsky told journalists.

The decision is "not just nonsense on account of the secular legislature dictating how the Church should be called, it is also massive forgery," he said.

"The Church, having been on the Kievan land for a thousand years, is having its name taken away and handed over to the schismatic entity that is three years old," Slutsky said.

Unfortunately, the prayers of thousands of people went unheard, he said. "No one has been able to bring to reason the Ukrainian deputies who lost the last of their reason and consciousness," Slutsky said.

Rada's decision is "yet another Russo-phobic intervention in religious affairs and an affront to the pious," he said. "And this just for the sake of earning praise from their American paymasters," Slutsky said.