2019-01-06 20:52:00

Poroshenko promises to respect religious choice of citizens of Ukraine

Kiev, January 6, Interfax - The Ukrainian state guarantees respect of the religious choice and religion of every citizen of the country, Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko said.

"As president, I guarantee on behalf of the state that Ukraine will respect the religious choice, freedom of religion of every citizen," he said in his address aired on Ukrainian television after the ceremony of giving a tomos on autocephaly of the new church of Ukraine in Istanbul.

Poroshenko said an independent church guarantees Ukrainians' spiritual freedom. "It guarantees public accord," he said.

The tomos is another proclamation of Ukraine's independence, Poroshenko said. "It will complete the assertion of the independence of the Ukrainian state and it will strengthen religious freedom and interreligious peace. It will strengthen the rights and freedoms of citizens, especially those who were outside the communication of the ecumenical Orthodoxy, who were unfairly labeled as non-canonical," Poroshenko said.