2019-01-18 12:13:00

Russia to return page of ancient Gospel to Serbia, Belgrade to return Roerich's pictures to Russia Putin

Belgrade, January 18, Interfax - Russia will return the 166th Page of the Miroslav Gospel to Serbia, while Belgrade will bring painter Nikolai Roerich's pictures back to Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"The understanding on handing the 166th Page of the Miroslav Gospel, the most ancient Cyrillic monument of Serbian literacy, which is being stored in Russia, at the Russian National Library, over to Serbia, and on returning Nikolay Konstantinovich Roerich's pictures to Russia is remarkable for Russian-Serbian friendship," Putin said at a press conference following the talks with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic on Thursday.

The project of decorating the interior of the St. Sava Church in Belgrade is being successfully implemented, the Russian president said.

Vucic in turn thanked Russia for its aid in building this church. "We have received another five million euros from Russia to build our shrine," he said.

The Serbian president also praised Russia's step to return a page of the Gospel to Belgrade. "This indicates that we have prepared our meeting and this forum very well," he said.