2019-01-24 18:51:00

Anti-Semitism on rise in Ukraine - Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia

Moscow, January 24, Interfax - Attacks on memorials to the victims of anti-Semitism in Ukraine soared last year, the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR) said.

"The year 2018 saw an increase in the number of manifestations of vandalism against memorials and monuments, related to the extermination by Bandera-supporting nationalists of the Jewish population throughout those years when they were abettors of German occupiers on Ukrainian territory," head of the FJCR department for liaising with the Armed Forces and Emergency Situations Ministry, Aaron Gurevich, said at a roundtable in Moscow on Thursday.

Other examples of antisemitism in 2018 include bugging of a Kyiv synagogue and Lviv regional council declaring 2019 as the Year of Stepan Bandera and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists, which is banned in Russia, Gurevich said.

It was hypocritical that just as Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko was in Jerusalem, at the Wailing Wall, a memorial plaque was being unveiled in Kiev for Symon Petliura, "the very man under whose leadership numerous pogroms were carried out in 1919, who stained himself and the movement he led back then in Ukraine with the blood of peaceful citizens, mainly Jews," Gurevich said.

"And this is not double standards, but an absence of standards, which is commonplace and a common characteristic of today's situation in Ukraine," the rabbi said.