2019-02-01 14:25:00

Ukrainian Orthodox Church doubts legality of registration of new Ukrainian church

Moscow, February 1, Interfax - The registration of the church recently created with the support of the Kiev authorities, which has practically the same name as the name used to register the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, is illegal, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said.

The Kiev Metropolitanate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) was registered in Kiev earlier this week.

"Lawlessness continues to flourish," Vasily Anisimov, the head of the press service for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, said, commenting on the news.

Not only church rules but secular rules, especially European legislation, have been violated, he said. "If one company is registered, a structure that has the same name cannot be registered," he said.

"Normally everything grows from the bottom: first there is a community, then more communities appear, and eventually they make up a big structure, a diocese, a metropolitanate, a Church. Here we have the opposite: they planted the radish head-up, like in the joke," Anisimov said.