2019-03-11 12:50:00

Russia's level of anti-Semitism is 'conditionally harmless' - FJCR president

Moscow, March 11, Interfax - Only ten instances of anti-Semitism were registered in Russia in 2018, Alexander Boroda, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia (FJCR), said, citing information possessed by the FJCR.

"The community maintains statistics for public manifestations of anti-Semitism: ten situations were registered last year, and that was mainly insulting graffiti. Of course, we want this figure to be zero, but we understand that 10 sounds pretty optimistic," he said in an article published in the Monday edition of the magazine Profil.

Anti-Semitism occurs most frequently at a mundane level and is "conditionally harmless," the rabbi said.

Boroda said with regret that names of Nazi collaborationists are being cleared in neighboring countries, murderers are being given the title of hero, streets are being named after them and monuments are being erected to them.

"A swastika has recently been projected in one of the central shopping malls in Kiev. That makes you feel ashamed, although Russia has no relation to what happened," the rabbi said.

Boroda said he believes that the placement of a swastika today in a street in Kyiv that has recently been renamed in honor of Stepan Bandera, an ideologist of Nazism, is "horrifying."

"But I fear most for the new generation, which is growing up in an ideology with a monstrous mixing-up of elementary ideas of good and evil, and the reason for that is adults who haven't learned any lessons from the black pages of history," Boroda said.