2019-03-13 14:06:00

Some 25% of Russians worshiping Orthodoxy keep fasts poll

Moscow, March 13, Interfax - Three quarters of Orthodox Russians do not observe fasts, according to a poll conducted by the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) seen by Interfax.

According to the poll, 25% of all Russians who are Orthodox Christians observe fasts to some degree. Fourteen of the respondents who are Orthodox said they only observe Lent, whilst 9% observe most fasts.

Two percent of all Russians who identify as Orthodox strictly observe all fasts, the poll shows.

Over half of respondents (54%) who said they observe Lent said they give up alcohol, 52% of them said they refrain from eating fatty foods on these days and 39% said they do not use foul language during this period.

Eighteen percent of respondents who said they observe fasts in various periods said they do not have sex during Lent.

The poll, which surveyed 1,600 respondents aged over 18, was conducted on March 7.