2019-03-14 18:17:00

Greek Church again postpones issue of recognition of Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Moscow, March 14, Interfax - The Bishops Council of the Greek Orthodox Church, due to meet on March 19-21, will not address the "Ukrainian issue," according to the forum's agenda published in the Greek media.

In early January, the Greek Synod did not recognize Ukraine's new church, forwarding this issue to its supreme administrative body, the Hierarchy Council, or Bishops Council. As a consequence, the development of an official position of the Greek Church on the new church structure created in Ukraine in December 2018, with support from the authorities in Kiev and the Constantinople Patriarchate, was again postponed.

According to the Greek media, the main issue addressed in the coming Bishops Council will be the relations between Church and state in Greece. In addition, a number of staffing decisions will be made.