2006-05-30 12:05:00

Gay rally in Latvia prepared by former Lutheran pastor

Riga, May 30, Interfax - A gay rally planned for July 21-22 in Riga is actively promoted by former Lutheran pastor Maris Sants.

‘At least 11 politicians from the European Union countries, mostly from Scandinavia, including European Parliament members, will participate in the festivities and rally’, Sants said in an interview published by Latvian Chas newspaper on Tuesday.

The rally he said does not set as its aim to provoke disturbances. ‘The meaning of the event is to give people an opportunity to come to know the gays better, so that they could realize we do not eat babies, etc.’, he said.

Nevertheless, a latent but strong discontent with such ‘festivities’ is ripening in Latvian society. People’s indignation seems to be restrained only by the predictable harsh reaction from the European Union, the newspaper writes.

Besides, former pastor Sants is at law at present with a state-run school for refusal to take him up as a teacher. He believes the true reason for the refusal is his orientation.