2019-04-18 11:36:00

FSB director says concerned about anti-Islamic terrorism, psycho killers

St. Petersburg, April 18, Interfax - Global migration processes have increased nationalist sentiment and provoked the appearance of radical anti-Islamic lone killers, Federal Security Service (FSB) Director Alexander Bortnikov said at the Conference on Countering International Terrorism in St. Petersburg on Thursday.

"Such a phenomenon as anti-Islamic terrorism has been turning into a serious problem," Bortnikov said.

"Negative implications of migration processes, primarily the ones in Western countries, the wide gap between cultural and religious mentalities of refugees and the local population, the intentionally aggressive behavior of migrants, and their crimes trigger a growth of nationalist sentiment and make the problem of right-wing neo-racist radicalism acute," he said.

"This results in the appearance of brutal psycho killers who are hatching plans of killing Muslims. This is an alarming trend not just for Europe but also for the entire world, judging by the tragedy in New Zealand," Bortnikov said.

The shooting spree in the Christchurch and Linwood mosques, which happened in New Zealand on March 15, killed 50 people and wounded dozens.