2019-04-18 18:02:00

Over 100 tons of matzo produced in Russia on the eve of Passover

Moscow, April 18, Interfax - On the eve of the Passover, set up to commemorate the exodus of Jews from Egypt, matzo is traditionally baked in Russia.

"124 tons of matzo was sold and sent to different regions on the eve of the Passover," press secretary of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia Darya Mikhelson told Interfax on Thursday.

According to her, matzo - traditional unleavened bread, was sent to 140 Russia's cities and towns, where the FJCR communities exist.

Jews will start celebrating the Passover on Friday evening.

Together with matzo participants in festival meals (seders) will traditionally eat bitter greens, symbolizing bitterness of Egypt slavery, and drink four glasses of wine. Among other festival dishes is a mixture of grated apples, dates, nuts and wine. Its color reminds of clay, from which Jews made bricks when they were in Egyptian slavery.