2019-04-22 16:45:00

UOC on Poroshenko election failure: God treats authorities the way authorities treat the Church

Kiev, April 22, Interfax - The Ukrainian Orthodox Church links the victory of Vladimir Zelensky in the election to the cessation of its persecution and sees the defeat of Pyotr Poroshenko as a legitimate outcome of his anti-church activities.

"God treats authorities the way authorities treat the Church. Poroshenko has done everything to harm the Christian Church and he has been punished," Vasily Anisimov, the head of the press service for the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church, told Interfax.

Anisimov said he hopes that the new president will put an end to the persecution of Orthodox Christians, seizures of churches and "all this lawlessness that Poroshenko perpetrated for the sake winning the election."

The representative of the canonical Ukrainian Church said that Zelensky's team comprised non church-going agnostics; they "are not militant theomachists and russophobes, like members of the outgoing president's team."

"We will hope the young team of the newly elected president, which is being harassed and pressured by Poroshenko, will be able to understand the Orthodox Church, which has been caught in this mudslinging for a whole five years, not for three weeks," Anisimov said.