2006-05-31 12:09:00

Moscow Patriarchate representative in Brussels is concerned about attempts to drive religion into a ghetto

Brussels, May 31, Interfax - Representative of the Russian Orthodox church to the European institutions Bishop Hilarion of Vienna and Austria spoke about escalation of military secularism in Europe.

There is a disaccord between people inspired by religious ideals and those whose philosophy of life was formed by secular humanism', the bishop said at the meeting of the European commission chairman Jose Manuel Barroso and the Chancelllor of Austria Wolfgang Schussel with religious leaders of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism in Brussels.

He also remarked that the future of Europe depended on a system of values used as a basis for its structure. The Russian church representative thinks that in word the humanists recognize a human right to profess any religion or to profess none, as it would have been politically incorrect to deny religion its right to exist.'

Humanism is actually inspired by antireligious pathos, aiming at weakening religion as much as possible, driving it into a ghetto, ousting it from public life, and reducing its influence on people, especially on the youth', bishop Hilarion underscored.

Humanist ideology turns more obviously into militant secularism, and its conflict with religion becomes even more noticeable,' he added.

The bishop said that dialogue between the EU leadership and religious organizations must be made official and structured', the Representation of the Russian Orthodox church to the European institutions press service reported.