2019-06-04 17:48:00

Remembrance of Great Patriotic War protects Russia from xenophobia, anti-Semitism - Putin

Moscow, June 4, Interfax - Politicians, public and religious figures should preserve and pass on to following generations the truth about the Great Patriotic War, and remembering those events will help prevent any attempts at stoking the flames of xenophobia, nationalism, and anti-Semitism, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

"Next year, we mark the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory. Our conscientious duty, as politicians, public, and religious figures, is to preserve and pass on to the following generations the whole truth about the war, about the valiant feat of our people, about our allies, about the suffering and terrible death of millions of innocent people," Putin said at the opening of a monument to the heroes of resistance in concentration camps and ghettos.

"In this truth is our protection, our civilized immunity against the repeat of something similar, against any attempts to light the fire of xenophobia, nationalism, and antisemitism," he said.

This new memorial will be another symbol of our shared memory, Putin said.