2019-06-20 19:07:00

Defense minister accuses U.S. of supporting non-mainstream religious entities in Russia

Moscow, June 20, Interfax - The United States is looking to destroy the Russians' civilizational identify through Russian artistes, politicians and media personalities, Deputy Defense Minister Andrey Kartapolov said.

"Our partners led by the U.S. organize support for non-mainstream religious entities, 'independent' publications and media resources, short-sighted or frankly hostile politicians, popular media personalities and representatives of arts and culture. And the bulk of such efforts is directed as destroying the civilizational, state, ideological, cultural, religious and other similar identity," Kartapolov said at a State Duma roundtable on Thursday.

Russia is surrounded by a network of centers in NATO countries, whose aim is to "directly discredit Russia, position it as an authoritarian country with a savage, ignorant population and a government which has no respect for international law," Kartapolov said.