2019-07-03 18:22:00

Inviting Pope to Russia not to be raised during Putin's visit to Vatican - Ushakov

Moscow, July 3, Interfax - It is not planned to raise the issue of inviting Pope Francis to Russia during Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Vatican on July 4, Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said.

"At this point, that issue is not on the agenda. I believe neither our side nor Vatican is going to raise it," Ushakov said at a press briefing when asked by Interfax to reply in detail to the question of whether Putin was planning to invite Pope Francis to Russia during the upcoming meeting.

In this case, "an inter-church element of the relations should be taken into account," Ushakov said.

"Since Pope Francis is not only Vatican's head of state but also the head of the Roman Catholic Church, we should consider this matter together with the representatives of our Church. But this issue is not to be discussed right now," he said.