2019-09-12 20:25:00

Ukrainian court freezes "Kiev Patriarchate" liquidation

Kiev, September 12, Interfax - The District Administrative Court of Kiev has ruled partly in favor of the so-called "Kiev Patriarchate" in a lawsuit against the Culture Ministry by banning companies' registrars and the liquidation commission from taking action against the religious organization's property.

"The court banned the Justice Ministry of Ukraine, the Culture Ministry of Ukraine, its structural sub-units, central-government and local authorities, and notaries public from performing any registration regarding the Kiev Patriarchate, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate [UOC-KP], and their assets," the Patriarchate's press service said on Thursday on the basis of the September 11 ruling.

The court also banned the liquidation commission, set up by the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), from administering the Patriarchate's assets.

The court additionally found that the Culture Ministry order invalidating the bylaws of the Kiev Patriarchate and the UOC-KP was unlawful.

The liquidation commission's request to reject the lawsuit and to prevent the lawyer appointed by UOC-KP head Filaret Denisenko from representing KP interests constituted an obstruction of justice, the court ruled.