2019-09-16 17:45:00

Parishioners of the "Russian exarchate" in Paris enthusiastic about joining the Russian Orthodox Church

Moscow, September 16, Interfax - The news about accepting the leader and parishes of the "Russian exarchate" under jurisdiction of the Russian Orthodox Church inspired parishioners of the exarchate's cathedral in France.

"I've just talked to a cleric of St.Alexander of Neva Cathedral in Paris. The church was full at the liturgy, parishioners with tears in their eyes thanked Archbishop John for a long-awaited decision," deputy administrator of the Moscow Patriarchate Bishop Savva writes in his Telegram channel.

Many people came from other parishes and conveyed their gratitude to Patriarch Kirill, he said. "Now we are with our Patriarch and with our Church", they said.

"The joyful weariness from successful overcoming a long way was in the air," the bishop cited his interlocutor.

As was reported, the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church accepted head of former Constantinople's "Russian exarchate" in Western Europe and all parishes which would like to follow him. The reason of such a decision was a desire of most parishioners to return to the Mother-Church, as the exarchate had had to separate from it after revolutionary events in Russia.

Late last year the Constantinople Synod unilaterally abolished "the Russian exarchate", thus forcing it to search for new options of its canonical future.