2019-11-28 19:06:00

Abortion rate in Russia declines considerably in past 18 years

Moscow, November 28, Interfax - The abortion statistics in Russia demonstrates a considerable reduction from the start of the 2000s, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said.

"The number of abortions declines three times in the past 18 years," Golikova said at a meeting of the presidential council on the implementation of state policies in the sphere of family and children's protection in the Kremlin on Thursday.

The number of abortions performed in Russian healthcare establishments exceeded two million in 2000, against 661,000 abortions provided in 2018, she said.

Russia has succeeded in creating a system for providing consultations to women seeking abortions, Golikova said.

Such consultations were conducted in special social assistance officers to 90% of the pregnant women who sought abortion in the past six months of this year, Golikova said. In 2018, some 170,000 women came to such consultations and 24% of them decided to keep their babies, she said.

"To increase the effectiveness of this work, funding is envisaged in the budget of the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund and the Social Insurance Fund for 2020 to increase the value of the birth certificate to 19,000 rubles," Golikova said.